Being out on your own can be intimidating.  Let's learn some simple steps for living life.

Let's face it, being out on your own can be hard.  I'm over 40 years old and still learning tips and tricks to simplify every day living!  

I began writing this book after going on a weekend trip with some friends.  We discussed the level of support that we each had when we first got out on our own.  I was very fortunate to have parents that taught me so much before making my way in this big world.  I still call from time to time for advice.  Many friends didn't have this support system and wished they had more help when they started out.

This book is meant to help meet that need.

It also helps with hints, tricks, and hacks to everyday living.

Simple Steps for Living Life Out On Your Own





Being out on your own doesn't have to be overwhelming.

Simple Steps For Living Life:  Out On Your Own was created to help you adult like a pro!

It is a guide to help you set up your new place...  knowing what furniture you will need, cooking basics, making a budget, and more!

What it includes

29 pages of printable lists, worksheets, and organizational charts in PDF format.


 Table of Contents

Section 1 – Acquiring Your Own Place

Chapter 1  The Budget

Chapter 2  Important Documents

Chapter 3  Getting the Keys

Chapter 4  Necessities and Such

Section 2 – Setting Up Room by Room

Chapter 5   The Kitchen

Chapter 6   The Dining Room

Chapter 7   The Living Room Area

Chapter 8   The Bedroom

Chapter 9   The Bathroom

Section 3 – Daily Living

Chapter 10  Cleaning Tips, Tricks, and Hacks

Chapter 11  Organization & Storage

Chapter 12  Decorate and Entertain

Chapter 13  Saving Money and Side Hustles

Chapter 14  Alone and Afraid



Simple Steps For Living Life: Out On Your Own - a free eBook with printables to help you adult like a pro! Adulting Survival Guide!

About the Author

Cindy Magee from SimpleStepsForLivingLife.com

HI!  I'm the author, Cindy Magee, of Simple Steps For Living Life:  Out On Your Own and also the owner of SimpleStepsForLivingLife.com.  I love getting to help others and write about various subjects of every day life.  I have always wanted to be a Momma to many.  The reason I wrote this book was to fulfill that dream.  I want to show people that they are loved and have someone on their side cheering for their success in life.  

Simple Steps For Living Life:  Out On Your Own is your guide to get started.


Disclaimer: Simple Steps For Living Life LLC provides this book for sale for informational purposes only, it is not meant to replace advice from a qualified professional who is familiar with your specific situation. Simple Steps for Living Life:  Out On Your Own should not be relied upon as professional advice. If you need professional advice, please seek paid help from a professional advisor such as a lawyer, CPA, or doctor in your local area.  


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